Plastic Door And Furniture Profile

Salient Feature

Water Proof

Doors & Furniture made out of penguin® UPVC profiles are 100% water proof as it is made up of water resistance plastic.

Termite proof

Penguin® UPVC profiles are not affected by termite as it has no properties of wood.

Eco Friendly (helps in save the trees)

Penguin® UPVC profiles are made of high quality pvc (poly vinyl chloride) which is derived from crude oil and does not affect environment in any adverse manner.

Maintenance Free

Penguin® UPVC profiles does not require any polishing or coating, just a wipe with normal cloth and it will look as good as new.


Much cheaper than other products like Wood and Aluminum and has similar strength as both.

Fire Retardant

Penguin® UPVC profiles are made up UPVC plastic and certain additives.

Acid alkali resistant

Available in various color & design